Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone therapy has been used in many different cultures for many years. Placing the hot stones on the body and arranging them along the energy centres helps to relax the muscles and reduce pain or discomfort, boosting a healing process. Massaging with the stones gives a deeper and more intense massage as heat penetrates the body and relaxes the muscles.

How do Hot Stones work?

Hot stone massage can help relax the body's muscles and soft tissues, alleviate pain, improve circulation and help rid the body of toxins. This type of massage treatment can also reduce stress, promote calmness and increase relaxation. Many hot stone massage enthusiasts even claim they experience a sense of enlightenment, inner peace and renewed spirituality after a hot stone massage session.

When booking a Hot Stone massage, we kindly ask if you have a kettle to fill it and bring to the boil in preparation for your therapists’ arrival in order to heat the hot stones. Many thanks for your help!

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Hot Stone Massage
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BEst for:
Extremely tight and painful muscles
Penetrates deeper to relax muscle tension
Pure relaxation
Hot Stone Massage
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